Rum, Whiskey, Spirits Better than Water

Rum is often produced in the Caribbean but not so with Whiskey and Vodka until now! In the 17th century rum was first distilled in Barbados when slaves discovered molasses from sugar cane processing could be fermented into alcohol. Early Scottish distillers used barley based beer to distill the spirit into whiskey.  These days there are many classes of spirt based on grain type, fermentation style, distillation method and barrel selection. A new wave of craft distilled whiskeys pushes these classes to their edge.

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Craft Beer is Good Beer!

Almost as popular as water and tea, beer has been brewed since 9500 BC. With a 4% to 12% alcohol by volume, beer is possibly the world’s oldest beverage. Craft brewed beer has become ever more popular since the early 1980′s. Many craft breweries have popularized “hoppy” beers which impart bitterness and unique flavor as well as the maltiness of barley. Some of todays most popular recipes were developed by amateur home brewers who test their skills in brew clubs.

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